We are delighted to announce that Alpha Capitalis is the latest firm to join our international M&A network as Croatia’s exclusive member firm.

Danijel Pevec, Partner at Alpha Capitalis, said “As one of the leading corporate finance firms in Croatia, we decided to join Pandea because of its extensive network of professionals all focused towards reaching the same goal, originating and executing middle-market M&A activities. In the 21st century there shouldn’t be any barriers preventing access to capital and Pandea’s global network is an astonishing project developed to break those barriers. We are specially focused on corporate finance activities and are currently aiming to establish a Private Equity Fund as well. We bring to the platform vast knowledge of the Croatian M&A deals market, extensive connections within Croatia and a team of young, focused and ambitious individuals willing to fully contribute to the development of the network.”

Alpha Capitalis was founded in 2012 with headquarters in Zagreb, Croatia. The primary goal of the Company is to create a team of experts from different areas of finance who will provide support to clients throughout all stages of growth.

Alpha Capitalis team has years of experience in investment banking, financial advisory services, audit, financial restructuring and management accounting. In addition to practical work, the team builds its knowledge through professional certifications: Certified Auditors, Certified Internal Auditors, Certified Appraisers, Certified Accountants, Certified Investment Advisers, ACCA, and CFA. Through services in the areas of finance, audit, accounting and tax, ALPHA CAPITALIS creates value for clients by building them a self-sustaining system, managing risks, improving balance sheet, and providing capital for business growth.

Further, through the Alpha Capitalis Business Transfer Platform, platform to buy and sell businesses, we help investors to find targeted businesses they want to buy, and business sellers find a strategic or financial investor. The Business Transfer Platform offers a secure environment and a structured process for a selling business and transferring ownership. The platform protects the interests of the seller and the buyer, all with the aim of closing the transaction to the satisfaction of all stakeholders.

Alpha Capitalis