PAW Capital Partners AB

Firm Overview

We understand the importance of market insight and knowing the challenges and opportunities in the ever-changing marketplace. To create the best value for our clients we are focusing on a few business segments at a time.

We are specialized in growth industries and advise in transactions for companies with a turnover between 3 to 30 M Euros.

Knowledge of a specific market segment is a ”day to day” knowledge and we try to be updated all the time. We choose either markets where consolidation is necessary or segments with rapid growth. In both those cases the need for accurate and quick decisions is essential.

We can procure the right capital for your business at any time. Our experience comes from many years of managing and consulting rapidly growing businesses. This has taught us that capital must come hand in hand with the right people. We have the experience to coordinate the interaction between the organization and capital employed.

Lead Firm Contacts

Adam Wessblad

Adam Wessblad

Board Member

+46 708 43 75 75