Corporate transactions involving Swedish companies are expected to amount to US$30.3bn in 2017, a sharp increase on 2016 when the value was $12.5bn.The division of the Swedish forestry and hygiene products group SCA into two separate companies contributed to the increase, along with Sweden’s positive transaction climate.

In 2018, the value of corporate transactions in Sweden is estimated to be $17.2bn, then slowing down by 2020. Stock market listings are expected to reach $2.7bn in 2017, reaching a peak of $3.5bn 2018 and declining afterwards.

Globally, the value of corporate transactions is expected to increase to more than US$3 trillion in 2018, driven primarily by reduced economic and political risks and a more positive macroeconomic climate. Positive trends include increased world trade and economic growth, higher equity values ​​and the prospect of cheaper financing in emerging markets. In 2017, acquisition and merger activity is expected to be highest in the consumer goods sector, a trend that is expected to last in 2018.