Firm Overview

Adacta is a leading Italian one-stop-shop solution for management consulting, financial advisory, and tax & legal services, with +130 professionals.

In M&A Advisory, with a remarkable track-record, we partner with:

  • Buyers along their whole M&A growth paths (deal origination and structuring, corporate valuation, due diligence processes, negotiations, drafting of legal contracts, deal financing support)
  • Sellers along their whole divestiture processes, to maximize success and return on their exit strategies

Adacta focus is on mid-market companies & entrepreneurs (30-300M€ turnover), with whom our teams deploy skills and network in order to seize M&A opportunities, neatly and quickly.

Lead Firm Contacts

Alberto Ferracina

m: +39 392 26 84 582

e: email

Alberto Ferracina on LinkedIn

Francis De Zanche

Francis De Zanche

m: +39 340 54 27 422

e: email

Francis De Zanche on LinkedIn

Office Locations & Other Information

Vicenza - Italy

Strada Marosticana, 6/8, 36100 Vicenza Province of Vicenza, Italy