We are delighted to announce a further two members have joined Pandea Global M&A, welcome to KP Advisory in Serbia and Auctus Capital in Latvia. This marks the fourth and fifth new members to join our network in the first quarter of 2022!

Two new members for Pandea Global M&A

Boris Milošević of KP Advisory said, “We have the pleasure to announce that KP Advisory has joined Pandea M&A network as a partner company from Serbia. Pandea Global M&A is an international acquisition network present in more than 20 countries around the world connecting investors and sellers of various businesses. Over the past 20 years, the founding partners of KP Advisory have been involved in nearly all major transactions in Serbia and Montenegro. We are looking forward to cooperation and new challenging projects!”

Martins Blukis, Managing Partner at Auctus Capital said, “As an independent M&A and corporate finance boutique in Latvia, Auctus Capital is pleased to join the Pandea Global network. We look forward to joining forces and sharing knowledge with like-minded people across the world. With an increased number of cross-border transactions in the Baltics, we hope joining Pandea is going to help us expand our offering and will bring a successful outcome to our clients and partners.”

Pandea is an International Network of independent M&A firms with a primary focus on the origination and execution of middle-market M&A activities. The network has now expanded to 28 countries worldwide and together closed 2,000+ deals with a combined total value of over €27BN.